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I want you all to see this! I've been scouring the internet for great ideas!!!

Vintage Swimsuit 50's...Soia & Kyo Houndstooth...
Yesterday I had made a FB comment reminding husbands that Mother's Day is Sunday...
That led to a humorous series of responses, so I decided to pick out some really cool and interesting ideas that would make excellent Mother's Day gifts!
Above, you see a vintage 1950's swimsuit!  I really love the styles from that era--the suits were not as revealing, and they looked pretty and classy.  When I am at the beach or pool, I am a SWIMMER!  I like a suit that is practical so I can dive and swim.  The houndstooth coat is so 'Audrey Hepburn', and I loved her style sense!!  I'd so love to get a pretty coat like this!
Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow
You'll never believe what these items are...they look like goodies, don't they?  The 'ice cream sandwich' is actually a large pillow, and the 'cupcakes' are soap!  So cool!!!Cupcake Soap scented Soft...
Chicken PurseOk, so this is kinda weird, but what 'chick' wouldn't like a chicken purse??   It's the perfect gift from a 'hen pecked husband'...LOL.
Solutions - Cosmetics...
The cosmetic center above is something I could really put to good use.  I have all my makeup in a plastic bin and I have to dig through it to find stuff.  It is maddening.  And, what do you all think of the retro stove?  It reminds me of my favorite TV show, I Love Lucy!  I could totally get into baking brownies in this baby.Retro Stove
Solar Powered Rainbow...
You're probably asking what that contraption is with all the is a solar powered 'rainbow maker'!  I  LOVE rainbows, so I'd adore having one of these little toys!  What a neat idea!Vintage Inspired First...
By now, I think you might see a trend...I absolutely think retro/vintage stuff is the best EVER.  This black dress would be something I would wear for sure.  The '50's look really flatters the 'feminine' and makes me feel a little glamorous.  This retro dinette set (diner style) is awesome.  I think it is really cute.Side Table Dinette Set...
Flower Kabuki Brush Set
Do you like these unique gift ideas?  The flower kubuki cosmetic brushes and the 'Shuellas'(shoe umbrellas), which fold to fit into your handbag, are something useful and fun.  Shuellas
Gerbera Daisy Umbrella
More pretty stuff!  Check out the floral umbrella, and the spa lights.  My bathroom is the world's ugliest.  I won't go into it, but let's say this: it needs a serious makeover.  These little lights float in the water and would make bathtime more fun for me!Spa Lights
Most Expensive Perfumes
Forzieri Hand Made Black...So, do you have about $250, 000 to soak into a Mother's Day gift?  If you do, this perfume is the most expensive in the entire world.  You have to go to Harrod's of London to buy it, but think of how royally special that would make your mom feel.  :)  This black rose ring is more reasonable, at $8, and I think it is peachy!  Or should I say 'rosy'?!  Something I've wanted since the first time I saw one is the cute little 'Mini Cooper'.  Imagine how thrilling it was for me to find out I could get one in PINK?!!
Here are two bling rings.  Aren't they gorgeous?  What mom wouldn't gush over one of these diamond rings?  Well, let me tell you something...pssst.  One is a diamond ring, one is CZ.  That means that one costs $15,000 and the other one is $50.  You try to figure it out.  Comment on which one is which and I'll reveal when all the comments are in.  We'll see who is fooled and who is not.  Either way, I think they're both beautiful, and would be happy to get the fifty dollar faux diamond.  I betcha your moms would be just as happy, too.

Here's a wallet for the mom who 'brings home the bacon!  It's actually a men's wallet, but I thought it was awfully darling.  And what mom wouldn't want to be pampered with a corndog flavored lip balm?  All through the year, she can reminisce about summertime fairs when she applies her lip protectant!
I just love the stuff below...Cupcake flavored toothpaste!  It almost seems sinful to have the taste of cupcakes when I'm cleaning my teeth, but no guilt involved!  No cavities!  Just sweet sugary confections!!  And, if there's one thing I have to have, it is the 'DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK' bag!  Every mom needs one!!
Image 1So, for the hoity toity 'wanna be's' here's some gum they'll want to show off at the country club.  Foie gras flavored gum!  If you don't know what that means, look it up!  Or check out the other side of the tin, and you will get a hint!  ;)  Sometimes moms need a break from cooking, why not give her this great gift?  An inflatable meatloaf!!!  I want one, kids!  It doubles as a beach toy.
Speaking of inflatable, here's an inflatable beehive wig.  Very useful for changing one's hairdo for a night without having to make a long term commitment.  Loads of fun, girls. 
And the giraffe mask?  Well, I believe my son JohnPaul would be interested in giving me one of those. 
Does your mom has SAD(seasonal affective disorder)?  Living in Pennsylvania can do that to you!  Between the snow and rain, sometimes I forget that the sun exists.  I could really benefit by having my very own inflatable window!  I could look out on dreary days to see that I actually have a tropical paradise right beyond the pane.
All right, I am a purse/handbag junkie.  I admit it.  I love all kinds, small, large, zipper, clutch, hobo, you name it.  Here's a few ideas I think most mothers would like to find wrapped up on Mother's Day.  I know I would!Coach Embossed Signature Patent Leather East West Gallery Business Tote Bag Handbag Crimson Red
Broad Minded Clothing Lookie Lookie Swing Dress! - photoAnd, a couple of other retro ideas, pretty pumps and a pretty polka dot dress.  I can picture myself in this 'haute couture'!!! 

Now, don't forget to guess which ring is the real deal, and which one is the impostor!  zebra & pink croc flower crystal handbag

And, now you have no excuse to say  you forgot about Mother's Day, 'cause I reminded you all.  Here are a few websites to get you started:

Enjoy shopping!  Remember this, really doesn't matter if you spend money on mom.  Just do something to make her feel special.  If your mom is no longer here, I am so sorry.  I suggest you express some feelings of love to your godmother, and aunt, a sister, or a neighbor, then.

Some truly beautiful things I would love this year on Mother's Day:

A hug from my children.  A prayer with and from them.  A picnic or barbecue.  A few hours alone with a good book.  A walk in the park or woods with my family.  Breakfast in bed is always a nice treat.  I'd also be thrilled if they all pitched in to keep the house in some king of order. And I want to spend time with my very own mother, who means the world to me. 

I can't really think of anything else that matters...


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