Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Post! :)

There's a DS game called 'Cooking Mama' that JohnPaul owns...this morning, I am playing the 'Kicking' Mama game.  Every couple of minutes, Maria stretches out and kicks me in the kidneys...yes, folks, my kids do own beds!  And yet, most mornings, I find my full size sofa and my loveseat inhabited by slumbering children of all sizes. 

I am trying to sit on the end of my couch and sip coffee, but 'somebody's' feet think I am a football.  I bruise easily, boo hoo.

For 22 years I have kept a journal.  I have dozens of notebooks and various other types of diaries in my bedroom, but now I have finally (!) realized that I can do all this online without having to clutter things up!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm behind the times. 

Tony and Miranda are at Neshannock High School today, taking the SAT's.  Tony has been conditionally accepted at Edinboro U; he got the letter this week.  I would prefer that he get a couple of years of study in at Penn State Shenango.  He'd save a heckuvalot of money by commuting.  And you can't beat the quality of education there.  It is superb.

It is 3 degrees outside.  BUT, on the postitive side--the sun is actually visible!  Yes, folks, the sun is still there.  Amazing.  Winter in PA teaches one to be patient--I estimate that one out of every 14 days, the sun makes an appearance.  I think perhaps, that might be why we embrace Spring with such overflowing exuberance!!

Okay, this blog will serve multiple purposes...

I plan on writing thoughts and meditations on my Catholic faith and God.
I will write a LOT about my family...cuz they are my life!
I will post some poetry, song lyrics, short stories, etc., cuz I am a writer.
I might throw in some other crazy stuff...who knows?!

I hope my friends 'follow' me.  Maybe I'll inspire somebody.

I'll eventually start posting videos and photos, too.

Gotta get the hang of this thing first....Hugs xxx Annie

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