Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can't Take The Sadness...

We'd never tolerate it if we knew that someone would deliberately cut this kitty's throat, or crush her head, or snip her spine with scissors, would we? 

Then, tell me, please, why are we not horrified that this is happening to precious little children?!

I have had it with all the arguments about 'women's rights'.  I'm SICK of it--literally.  I can't take another moment of knowing that these innocent babies have *no* rights at all.  My frustration leaks out from my eyes--I can't stop weeping for them.  What can we do?

I pray every day for a change of heart for the women who are contemplating abortion.  I pray that abortion 'providers' will see the horror of their deeds and turn away from this scourge on humanity. 

I've been blessed over and over with my family--each child that I've been honored to raise and love.  I would gladly take these unwanted ones into my home and give them the love they deserve!  My brothers, each of whom is married--one who is child-less--the other who has only one child, wouldn't hesitate for an instant to do the same. 

Give these babies life!  Give them to me!  I would cherish them! 

I'm so sad today.  I can't make heads or tails of our world, how sick it is.  We need a dose of medicine to heal us and help us stop this cruel practice.  What and where is the medicine?  Who can heal us?

  Jesus, I Trust In You!

I cannot stop the tears.  The Human Race is so deeply fractured, we need Divine Healing.

Hugs.  Annie

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