Monday, April 18, 2011


Today I received the book 'Bloodstains' in the mail that I had ordered last week.  I have only just begun to sink my teeth into it and find myself asking this question:  how much of it is fiction, and how much is reality?  I can't quite decipher yet whether this is a work of fiction, based very loosely on a real person, or whether there is more to it.  I hope it doesn't disappoint.

I gravitate towards real facts in these stories because nothing in fiction can compare!  I have just about finished reading Black Dahlia Avenger and am almost certain that this crime has been solved.  It appears that the killer was a Dr. Hodel from Los Angeles.  There was a big time cover up by the LAPD, of which the author has solid proof.  Hodel's monstrous murder of this girl, Beth Short, was only one of many.  He was a serial killer, just like H. H. Holmes. 

I've viewed the crime and autopsy photos of Beth Short (I don't advise you all do this unless you are of a strong constitution) and I observed this about her: when she was left posed in the empty lot, surrounded by unkempt grass, her freshly washed face looked almost angelic and innocent, like that of a little child.  It made me feel such sorrow and pity for her mother.  Her mouth was defaced, but I won't go into the details of what the wretched killer had done to defile and degrade poor Elizabeth Short.

The victim was subjected to some of the worst sadistic tortures I have ever heard about.  It seems unimagineable that humans are capable of such evil. 

In a cruel twist, Mrs. Short learned of her daughter's horrific demise through the press.  The newspaper reporters called her to tell her that her daughter had won a beauty contest.  They lied to ply information about Elizabeth from her!  I wanted to go back in a time machine and kick their butts!  How dare they make up a tall tale and woo her, just to shoot it all down and tell her the brutal truth later?  That's SICK!!

I'll keep you all up  to date on my thoughts regarding Bloodstains.  I'll have my nose buried in the pages for the next couple of days!!


If any of my followers is interested, there is a very comprehensive website by Steve Hodel (Dr. Hodel's son and retired LAPD detective) called  Give it a few minutes of your time, you'll find it fascinating.  If you like what you see there, why not order a copy of Black Dahlia Avenger for a fascinating and scary read? 


  1. Can't wait to hear what you think! Jeff. By the way, its as real as temporal lobe epileptic seizures allow it to be. Enjoy!

  2. One other thing. Stay with it. The middle is as harsh as they come, but the ending may satisfy you no end. Jeff

  3. Ok, Jeff!! I know I'll enjoy it. And I will be posting more as I read your tale of terror.