Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love Those Beauty products!

Just thought I'd share my thoughts on a few beauty products that I LOVE!!!

The best thing about them is that they are available at a drugstore near you--at a very reasonable price! $$$ 

Coming in at a close second is the exceptional quality of these products.

I was, once upon a time, a beauty advisor for (oooh la la) Estee Lauder.  What a fun job that was--loved learning about all their products, attending seminars, doing makeovers, and making the sale!  But, face it girls, if you're not rolling in the dough, you have to cut corners with your pocketbook, and that's where I am--always looking for the best deal for the price.  Estee Lauder, as well as other high end department store cosmetics, is shockingly expensive.

I've tried many drugstore brands over the years, found things from Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon, Almay...etc....that I really liked, but now I'm getting into the brand 'Rimmel'.  Their stuff is really good, and the prices are phenomenal.

I was not blessed with long or thick eyelashes, so mascara is something I wear most days.  Rimmel has this particular kind called Scandal Eyes Curve, and it is awesome!  The brush is lush, and I place the curve of it against the very bottom of my lashes (where they grow out of my eyelid), and sweep in an upwards motion.  My lashes literally seem to triple in length and fullness.  And, at Wal-Mart, this little baby is under $5.00!!!

Now, they have this brand new item called BB Cream, and it took me by surprise--it was that good!  This miracle cream has light moisturizers in it, and is a creamy foundation that covers nicely without a heavy look. 

I've never had that 'perfect' complexion that women all envy.  When I was younger, I had breakouts now and then, and my share of freckles.  As I've matured, the freckles have turned into age spots, and I've developed discolorations, and uneven spots--yuck!

This foundation works really nicely.  I pair it with another of their products called Match Perfection Concealer.  This is great for undereye darkness, blemishes, and dark spots. 

BB Cream is great!  It has full coverage, looks naturally, glides on smoothly, and has a light fresh scent.  It also has a sunscreen of SPF 25 built into it.

And, last but NOT least, I just got a fabulous new lipstick called Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in a gorgeous hollywood red--a la Marilyn Monroe.  This lip color lasts a long time, and it brightens up my entire face.  The matte and bold shade makes me feel glamorous!  The retail price for this was just under $5, too!

Next time you're in the market for new makeup, check out Rimmel of London.  They have a large array of products for all your beauty needs.  I think you will find that they have attractive prices and even more attractive products!


Monday, January 14, 2013

Spouse Tales

I've been married for 27 and a half years to the same guy, and every day I love him more than ever!  The bond I share with him is solid and ever-renewing.  I marvel at that!

Our house leaves much to be desired.  I have honestly never been happy with it, although I am grateful to have a home, and there are countless family memories tied in with this humble house.

That being said, one thing I have always wished we had was a shower.  The bathroom here was an afterthought(by some former owner, probably back in the 20's or 30's)--put in to a cut- out portion of a bedroom, so it is an awkward room.  The tub is a claw footed monster, heavy and ancient; the sink is of the same era.  Washing up in the sink is interesting because the hot and cold taps are on opposite sides, so you risk scalding or freezing yourself, because you can't get a nice mix of the two!  (Lukewarm, anyone???)

Thankfully, at one point, we replaced the toilet, which was the ugliest contraption you ever wanted to see.  It sounded like a mini hurricane each time it flushed!

Because the lavatory (throw back word to my childhood parochial school--ha ha) was built into a place that originally had an outhouse, it is teeny tiny miniature.  This room is narrow, only about four feet wide, and is about 10 feet long.  The cabinets are built at eye level next to the tub, so there is nowhere to put a shower.

For years, John has rigged up a shampoo hose (available at the local beauty supply shop) for me to wash my hair and rinse off with, but I've always wished I had a shower.

On Christmas, I got a huge suprise from my dear husband.  He had visited a local store called Warehouse Sales, which has been around since...forever.  It's an old fashioned tool/home improvement store.  He consulted with the workers there, bought the equipment, and behind my back, he fashioned a real shower for me!

I must say that was not an easy accomplishment because we only have one bathroom.  I do not know how  he did it without me knowing it.  The shower can only be used if one is sitting, because of the cabinets, but I'm thrilled that I can turn on the water and enjoy the exhilirating spray of a real showerhead!!!

To those of you that have modern conveniences, don't you dare laugh at me!  This gesture of love means more to me than I can ever say! 

These things are what makes it wonderful to be married.  That, and, taking a ride in the dark of night with him, and stopping for drinks along the way. 

 Or, putting tons of laundry away as a team. 

Or, walking the dog together...

or knowing that he gets up early each day to go to Mass before work to pray for me and the kids...

or smelling a freshly brewed pot of coffee he put on for me...

or finding the ice scraped off my windshield and the gas tank on 'F'. 

This is why I love my man!  Thank you, John, for being my true love!!!

What kinds of things can you do for your spouse to make them feel loved and cherished?  That's your homework assignment today! 

If you want to be fulfilled in your relationship, don't count the things that are wrong, take note of the things that are right!