Sunday, September 23, 2012

Buying in bulk!

Nail clippers.  Shoelaces.  Paper towels.  Pencils.  Deodorant.  What do all these things have in common with each other?

They all seem to disappear in our home, the great Bermuda Triangle wanna be. 

I never buy these items in quantities of ONE.  I can't count how many times I've lost nail clippers--probably at least a dozen per year.  Where do they all go???

Do you all have the same problem?  What kinds of things do you buy in bulk?

Hugsxxx Annie

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wheels are turning!

Creativity is a funny thing.  It's probably infinite in its possibilites, and yet, we have those (sometimes drawn out) dreaded dry spots!

During those times, it's like the sun is on hiatus, the clouds are murking up the day, and life feels...flat.

Thank goodness my creative wheels are turning again, and the sun is at high noon, with nary a cloud to sully the atmosphere.

I have a request for you--my reader!  I have three ideas on the table, and they are all equally appealing to the writer in me.  I wonder if you would do me the pleasure of your two cents, and share with me what you think I should tackle first?

Most of us have seen, in bookstores, and now on websites--such as Amazon-- that there is a market for books with local flavor.  I appreciate reading them myself, and have bought them as gifts.

After some serious thought, I believe I am about to embark on writing a book about one of these three main topics:

1.) Legends and Folklore of Mercer County, PA.  (Or possibly NW Pennsylvania, or Shenango Valley)

2.) Homicides (Murders, or Murder Mysteries) in Mercer County, PA.  (Again, the other two possible locales.) This would cover the period of time between the first settlers, through the decades, up till today.

3.) History and daily life of the Amish in (again) Mercer County, PA.

So, time to do your homework, folks, can you just send me a note and tell me which one you think I should do?

Whichever way I go, I will need to start doing some research.  If I cover legends (choice number 1), I would like to have at least one chapter on 'hauntings', which would mean I would need to put out a request for local yokels to contact me with their stories. 

I already know of one lady, a family friend,  who had a haunting in her Sharon home, back in the 70's.  I'm usually skeptical of that sort of thing, but in her case, I really believe.  She's a rational lady, with some eerie stories, and I think most Sharonites would be chilled to know about it. 

A new writer's group has formed at the Shenango Valley Community Library, and I'm pleased to be a member.  I'm also a member of PennWriter's, as well as past member of the (now defunct) Thursday Coffee Shop Writers, Sharon Writer's Group, and Tri-City Writers.

I wrote a Mother's Column in two Christian newspapers for several years, and am the official OP/ED letter writer for Pro Life of Mercer County. 

Will you please accept my invitation and give me your opinion?  Also, in the future, I may be blogging with more invitations to share your stories of  local legends, hauntings, or murders.  I hope I can bring you all along on my ride!

XXXhugs Annie

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It's 'First Day Jitters Day' here at our house.  Summer vacation has closed another chapter, and school is now back in session.

We have some news here, for the first time in fifteen years, there are no Elliott children in the middle school! 

Maria is now a senior, JohnPaul, a freshman, and Therese is in the top grade for elementary!  Next year, when she goes off to middle school, it will be the first time in 21 years that we will not have an elementary school child!  INSANE!

I think the school system here should recognize us for this and put up a plaque or something!!!

It's interesting how each child is unique in what they worry about.  Therese seemed mostly concerned with social issues--what if I don't have friends in my class?  What if my teachers are mean? 

JohnPaul was more concerned with how long and boring the day might be.  He did mention a passing word about hoping he had friends in his classes, but he simply doesn't like having to be tied down all day.  He never has.

Then there's Maria.  She is a fretter from A to Z.  "What if my top is too low cut for the dress code and I get sent home?".  "I just straightened my hair and now it's flipping like somebody's hair from the '60's.".  "Friends?  Which ones, who, where, why, and how?".  Oh, then there's the academic stuff--she is a huge bundle of emotions with that.  Talk about A personalities.  She's class 'A' if I've ever seen one.

I got up, made coffee, lunches, breakfasts, exercised, and prayed, all before 9 am.  Then I ran Therese and Jacob to their schools, stopped at Walgreen's for a few things, cashed a check at the bank, came home and made myself breakfast, and I'm now ready for a nap, and it's only 10:30.  Unfortunately, I have dishes to wash, laundry, and bills to do!

It gets harder for me to adjust to the school year every year.  Summertime is a welcome respite for me, when I don't have to jump up at 6:30 AM, and dive into my day.  I wish summer vacation could last another three months!  The only thing I want to dive into is a swimming pool.

I'm enjoying a very sweet rain, gentle and almost musical, right outside my window.  I was tempted to blog on the front porch, but realized the rain had bathed our chairs!  So, I'm doing the next best thing, sitting close to the open window and breathing in the exhilirating scent of fresh rain!

Until next time...

Hugsxxx Annie