Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Low temperatures this month have broken long standing records.  I've never seen such a cold winter in my life. 

Today the weather is so dangerously bitter that school has been cancelled, including college campuses. 

A phenomenon called 'snow rollers' has been occurring the past day or so.  Several of my Facebook friends have posted photos of these formations on their walls.  They look a bit like a giant white Hostess Ho Ho.

I've been periodically checking my yard to see if any have formed, but so far I have not seen any.

I am grateful to have a warm home.  The furnace has been running non stop for weeks.  I don't think it shuts off at all, and my skin is suffering for it.  Several times a day, I slather myself with cocoa butter or Udderly Smooth moisturizer.  I'm wearing out my tube of lip balm.  Still, just call me Mojave Mama or Sahara Sister!!!

On another note, I have been feeling a little down this week.  It's not related to the weather, but rather, it's all the things in my life that seem to be falling apart.

There are innumerable knots to be undone, and as I tackle one at a time, it's as if some unseen force is creating more knots.  It's kind of like trying to hold water in a sieve. 

When these things get me down, I find myself feeling way down.  It's a terrible feeling.

I know it will pass; the knots will still be there, but these despairing temptations will lessen.  I only know that because I've been down this road before.

Sometimes I see myself as this very broken person--like a cracked mirror.  There is just no way to fix me.  And yet, I realize that we are all in the same boat,  not cracked in all the same ways, but still--broken.

The weight of my misery is crushing.  What have I ever done in my life right?  Who haven't I harmed? 

But...still...a whisper comes from within...you must forge ahead...pick yourself up...try...forgive yourself...hope...trust...

Thank God for His grace.  When everything seems so twisted and ruined, He takes it all and turns it into a masterpiece of love. 

I'm so thankful for HIM.

Stay warm, my readers.  Stay safe.  God bless you.


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