Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Christmas Memoir

One Christmas, I decided we should make a video and send it to my aunt and uncle in California.  They had never seen my kids in person, and I thought they'd get a kick out of seeing us all on their TV.

I shared the idea with my mom, as well as my local aunts and uncles.  They all agreed to meet at my house one December evening.

We decided we would dress in Pennsylvania winter attire (sweaters, scarves, hats) for the video, and to use some accessories.  (Rudolf antlers, Santa hats, etc.)

We set the camera on the tripod, and got started.  We practiced our number a few times before taping it, so we could get organized.  We chose to lip sync to The Chipmunk's version of Jingle Bells.  

Chipmunk's Jingle Bells

I'd really appreciate it if you would click on that link and take a listen before you read the rest of this.  It sets the mood...

So, picture this: my parents, aunts, uncles, me, John, and the four oldest of my children, circa mid 1990's, lip synching and swaying to this silly little song.

Now and then, John would move behind the camera to pan the room and get close ups of each of us.

The children were all quite small, ranging in age from about 1 year old to about 9, so they were busy frantically running in circles and dancing.

One must imagine how ludicrous this scene was, a couple of grandmas and grandpas, along with adults in their early 30's on up into their 50's and 60's, moving their mouths to the sound of chipmunk voices.  Add in four energetic little kids jumping and dancing at our feet.

It was a funny and loony night, with everyone laughing and making noise.  

Now, to tell the rest of the story.  There are several men in my family who I suspect of having narcolepsy, including my dad.  These guys are infamous for falling asleep while visiting, no matter who's talking, or what's going on.

My uncle Bill is one of those men, too.  While we were all busying ourselves with our chipmunk fun, no one realized Bill had sat down in the corner recliner and drifted off.

Only when we sat down and turned the tape to "play" so we could review it, did we see what had happened.

As the song slowed down, and played out its last hurrah, John panned across the room, showing each of us as we bopped, sang, laughed, jumped, and pranced about.

The camera moved to the corner, and there was Uncle Bill, his elbow resting on the chair's arm, and his chin resting in his hand. His eyes were shut, and his mouth was wide open.  John zoomed in on this sight, while the last notes of Jingle Bells played and then went silent.  

It was a completely hilarious ending to our raucous video.  I wish I knew what happened to the video--how I would love to see it now!

XXXooo Annie

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  1. That's tooo funny and I bet they would all love to see that tape memories like that <3